Hello friends,

Previously we shared the news that March 31st would be our last day of business as a signatory to the Commercials Contract.  As such we are in the final stages of working out an agreement with another signatory who will continue to service our clients that we’ve been blessed to serve over the years.

But while EMS is down, we are far from out.

We know that our agency clients do as much or more non-union work as they do with SAG-AFTRA talent, so moving forward it is our intent to provide “production relief” services to agencies who are having bandwidth issues in their production departments.  As such we will be providing the following:

  • Pre-production services including vetting production, production companies and directors; casting assistance; contract negotiation/preparation.
  • On-set production assistance
  • Post-production services including editing assistance, payroll, spot tracking and contract renewals.


Our team will be able to provide any level of non-union production service our clients require, wherever they need us for as long as they need us.  Additionally, we can now offer our creative-only clients paid media planning, buying and management services to enable them to build a more robust relationship with their clients.

We can’t start offering these services until April 1st but we’re scheduling meetings now to determine where and how we can provide value.  Please let me know how we can help.


Warmest regards,


214.637.6183 (direct)

214.801.9728 (cell)