On Tuesday December 11th, SAG-AFTRA sent out yet another announcement to the talent, advertising and production communities stating that “EMS is ceasing operations under the Commercials Contracts”.  Whereas that information is true, it does not tell the entire picture.  As usual.

A number of weeks ago we signed an agreement with the Union that very clearly states “SAG-AFTRA shall not effectuate the revocation of EMS’s signatory status to the Commercials Contracts until March 31, 2019.”  We agreed to these terms because we knew the Union was determined to put us out of business and we needed time to determine the best way for our client’s business to be serviced going forward.

We’re not sure why SAG-AFTRA neglected to include the March 31st date in Tuesday’s communication, but they subsequently added the following to their website, theoretically clarifying the situation:

Since this ordeal began back in April we promised to keep you posted and we will continue to do so.  As always, please reach out to me directly if you have any questions and if you are so inclined, please send good thoughts our way as we work through the process of keeping our clients properly serviced during this transition period.


Happy holidays to all!


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